Why Not DIY?

In our years of experience of assisting travelers through Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, we’ve seen quite a bit. We often get the question:

“Can’t I just book a flight and do it myself?”

We’ve put together the top reasons we’ve seen throughout the years of why
working with EDUT gets you much better results than DIY.

  • Customer Service

    We have excellent, negotiated rates with a large number of hotels and tours. Unlike “cheap” internet booking engines, we are there to help if something goes wrong.

  • Insurance

    Every year, hotels and tour suddenly go out of business. Or an inn burns down. If you’ve paid a deposit or in full before the trip, you are out of luck. Our clients are spared that loss – because we can substitute another tour or hotel – at no loss to you. This has saved clients thousands of dollars! EDUT is fully insured against supplier bankruptcy.

  • Flexibility with Changes

    Same goes for disasters like earthquakes: when a devastating quake hit Christchurch NZ a few years ago, none of our clients were stranded. We spent weeks revising itineraries for all clients who had planned to be in the city in the following weeks.

  • Peace of Mind

    We do our best to take care of you! Lose your passport? We have a copy and can help.

  • Transparency

    Beware of cheap package tours. Most are bare bones: by the time you add the tours you want, you don’t save money. Many use hotels that are not centrally located.

  • Dependability

    Nobody polices the internet. We know of people who pre-paid online – and the guide never showed up. Some tour operators exaggerate the tour and/or their expertise.

  • Timing

    If you wait to book tours after you arrive, the best ones will be sold out.

  • Personal Touch

    We avoid big bus tours. Book a cheap package for Kangaroo Island, and you will not see what our clients see – such as wildlife on private property and beaches when the crowds are gone.

  • Scheduling

    We steer you away from cities during major sporting events or holidays when prices will be higher – unless that’s what want.

  • Accommodations

    Your friends advised you to stay in their favorite hotel. Fine, but we have visited a great many hotels and can give you a broader perspective.

  • The Trust Factor

    Trust Trip Advisor? A word of caution: was that nasty review written by a picky person? Did the person who raved about a hotel, get an upgrade or free meal for offering to write the rave review?