Southern North Island
Wellington & Martinborough

Southern North Island
Wellington & Martinborough

From this point in New Zealand all the way to the bottom of the South Island, massive mountain ranges run through the middle of the North Island and all the way through the South Islands. Few roads cross these ranges, so we plan itineraries based on efficient use of your driving time – and the scenery each drive offers. If time is short, we book flights.

The westerly route from Taupo to Wellington travels what Kiwi’s call the “desert road.” It is not a desert – it goes between two mountain ranges – and is a breathtaking drive. The easterly route goes through Martinborough.

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For over a century, Martinborough was dotted by sheep farms and charming country homes built by the early English settlers. Today it is one of New Zealand’s newest wine regions. Down on the coast of Cook Straight is one of the top lodges in NZ, if not the world!


This city is the capitol of New Zealand, but don’t expect Washington, DC. The chief draws here are the world class Botanical Gardens, top restaurants, Te Pape (NZ’s “Smithsonian”), lovely shopping arcades, Lord of the Rings sites and two important bird sanctuaries. The Botanical Garden is an English-styled garden, but there is also a large section of plants native to New Zealand. We can arrange a guide for that area.

You can fly to Australia from Wellington International Airport, as well as to various places in the South Island. Many people prefer to take the inter-island ferry, but we do not recommend it for folks who suffer from sea-sickness. Most of the time the ride is smooth as glass, but when storms kick up, it’s a rock and roll trip.

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